Weight Issues

I just bought a Torker Dx and did not realize how much the weight affected my jumping height. I know for some people they say it is not an issue but it has hurt me a lot. So my question is, what could I do to the uni to make it more lightweight or should I be changing the way I am hopping? HELP!!

when did you learn to hop?

practice more, you’ll get stronger.

i learned to hop last march.

ahh okay i was thinking maybe you recently learned how to hop…because when i first startedi could only jump about 5 inches

What unicycle did you used to have?

i used to have a torker lx.

nimbus 2 frame or a koxx-one wheelset, or kh for that matter

how much lighter is the Nimbus 2 framd from the DX Frame? im considering a DX cus my friend has one and i also have a torker LX. i can hop about 10 inches with it. the LX is 15 Lbs and from what i have heard the DX is about that much also is it really that much heavier?

yes, the dx is a lot heavier than the lx and for some people it does not make a difference jumping but for others it does.

oh… i didnt know that it was that much heavier. Dus anyone know the weight difference in the Nimbus 2 frame and the DX frame

i’m just guessing but i would say maybe a pound. it could make a big difference though with the koxx wheel.

I remember weighing my trials dx frame when i first got it. It was about 4.23 pounds where as I think the nimbus is 2 pounds.

Have you learned how to prehop? This helps alot and makes up for the heavyness. I had and LX and went to a DX and found that i could go the same or higher most of the time because the big tire makes up for the weight.

Okay, ANY trials uni is going to be heavier and feel clumsy compared to something like an LX, at least at first. You’ll get used to it.

dont worry abotu it, just keep going at it… how old are you?
I mean it might just be that ur muscles aernt developed enough.

i’m 15.

its hard to say at that age, but honestly i dont think changing your frame will make any difference. I mean teh difference between the lightest and the heaviest is 2kg… if u’ve ever lifted a 2kg weight its not much…

just get used to it… thats all i can say, you havent been riding a trials uni for that long, so u’ll be fine…

True I like hopping high on a heavy uni as it has more contorel

OK thanks I will take your word for it and I will probably get used to the weight.