weight/height/age diff in hop height?

does your weight/height/age make a difference in you hop hieght cause ive been working on my sif hopping and Im still only getting a cm better that me seat in hopping
any help will be greatly appreciated

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what makes sif hopping cool is that you can hop and tuck thereby getting more height. practise imagining jumping and landing with both feet without the uni. it’s the same action and i found my hop height increased immensely after i did.

I’d say yes. A 21 year old male has a higher power/mass ratio then a 10 year old kid. Most of it is down to technique and practice though, so no shoving it off on ‘I’m too young’ :wink:

one thing that has really helped my hop height is jumping up as many stairs as i can at a time on only one leg(without the uni of course) it has helped build up some of the twitch muscles in my legs. Jumping on a unicycle is different than jumping on your feet. Its more like you are pulling yourself into the air…im not sure if that makes sense. But really just practice jumping on and over everything, even if you arent riding your uni still jump up on stuff. just really train those muscles. Then when you go to jump onto something sif just really visualize that your butt is conected to your wheel with elastic, so once your butt is off the seat the wheel is up off the ground and you are completley pulling the uni under you. I hope some of that makes sense…its kinda early in the morning so im tired…also thats just the way i do it, and it seems to work pretty ok for me.

just practice all the time.

or just jump rope like crazy!
i used to jump rope everyday for 10 minutes…dont know why i stopped but my hop hieght increades about 5 inches:)

on or off the uni?

a 10 years old kid is not that heavy than a 18 years male…

but a 18 years male have more muscles and implosion …
its relative i think…

iam relative heavy and i can jump high if i want to…
i think everyone can jump high… is just a matter of time and training

being 12 will hold you back from jumping really high. but if you have the techinque down really well and you keep it up till you start filling out. you should be up to 35" by the time you are 16/18