Weight for a unicycle?

Hey what is the average weight for a unicycle? Is 6 kilos to heavy or normal?

You are new to the forums so its okay. However, my advice to you is rather than making a ton of one liner posts asking all sorts of questions just sit back and read. Research a bit about the topics using the forum search tool and just generally observe how the community works. Most questions a newbie can think to ask have already been answered. Please don’t view my post as harsh or offensive, I’m just trying to offer some advice.

Your question however is a bit too vague to answer. What type of unicycle? What size?

mines 5 and a bit. thats abit heavier than usual for a 20’’ freestyle i believe

Quality is light and strong

Cheap., light, and strong. You can only pick 2. This is an old saying about cool toys in general. Motorcycles and bikes etc. The uni version is that a Torker is cheap and strong, but it’s not light. A KH is strong and light, but not cheap.
Kriss makes KH’s using more expensive metal and work, he has to charge more. :sunglasses:
There are also many uni’s that are light and cheap. These are great to learn on.:slight_smile:

Except the AX Torker. They are light, cheaper than KH, but not strong.
Even the 29 inch with Exiwolf tire is light. 12 pounds. :slight_smile:

There is always an exception to the rule.