weight distribution

I read that I should put most of my weight on the seat. Of course, that is only a percentage as some weight must remain on the legs. My question is what is the percentage for each? I’m finding that if I put too much weight on the seat it wants to shoot out from under me…too much weight on the legs tires me out. Any advice here?

On another topic… it seems that my spokes are creaking. Any pressure on the pedal (while my other foot is on the ground) causes a creaking noise. Should I put some grease/oil where the spokes cross? Are they loose and should be tightened? Thanks again…

update: after 6 weeks with my Nimbus Muni I can ride about 500’ before my legs wear out. I can feel them getting stronger as I practice more.

As time passes, you will slowly be able to control the unicycle more with less weight on the pedals. Weight on the pedals allow you to use your legs to balance, but for weight on the seat, you have to use your body to balance. Now that you can ride for quite a distance, maybe instead of focusing on going further, try to get ‘light’ on your feet, and control your unicycle with your pelvis. You can also try going from wave 2 hands, to one, and then with arms folded.

I think you are on your way there. :slight_smile: I’m only halfway there, I can put my weight on the seat, but often speed up or slow down abruptly to compensate for my lousy technique.

To even the spoke tightness is never wrong. When I had that noise problem it turned out I didn’t tighten my bearing caps sufficiently. Beware the margin between not tight enough and too tight is very small.

For normal road riding the more weight on the seat the better. The uni shooting out from under you just means that you have to practice more :wink: If the uni shoots out behind you, you are leaning forward too much. If it shoots out in front of you you are not leaning forward enough.

When thinking of riding one-footed there can also be times where your whole weight has to be on the seat.

Check that the pedals and cranks are tight as well. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where a creaking noise is coming from, so it’s wise to check everything.

Yep, creaking can come from a variety of sources. This week I heard creaks on 2 uni’s and both were in different places. After awhile you’ll find them faster or know where to look first.

Yeah once I thought my cranks were creaking, which usually means they are loosening on my uni (some cranks just creak all the time) but they seemed tight. Later a seat bolt fell off and got lost making me realize it was the seat loosening.

Now if I hear an unusual noise, I check everything.

When I was learning virtually all problems were at least related to, if not primarily do to not enough weight on the seat. I tried to put as much as my weight on the seat as possible and my feet as light as possible, but just enough more pressure on the front pedal to notice.