Weight differences

I currently have a DX but my seat base snapped so I was borrowing my friends older KH w/ these cranks http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=832
My other friend just recently got a stock 2007 KH w/ moments.
The weight difference of the older KH and my DX was a whole lot but I rode the 2007 KH and it seemed close to as heavy as my DX…at least…it wasn’t nearly as light as the older KH.
So my question is, Is there much of a weight difference between the older and newer KHs? I’ve heard that moment cranks are heavy…could that be it?? or is there not much of a difference?

I’m asking because I’m getting a new unicycle soon and I was thinking of getting a new KH but I want something light for trials…I was planning on getting Onza Tensiles…would that make the uni much lighter than one w/ moments??

How much heavier is the nimbus 2 frame than the KH aluminum frame??

It seems to me that the 07 KH is lighter than the 05 KH because of the drilled rim but keep in mind that pedals make a HUGE weight difference. The nimbus II is quite a bit heavier than the KH frame. As for tensiles this may be the thread for YOU

Nimbus 2 is roughtly 800g KH is around 500g. That’s rounding a little but gives you an idea. Tensiles are 200g less than moments.

The 05 rim is actually lighter than the 07 rim, but it’s also thinner 42mm vs. 47mm so much less metal is used. The rims are only a few grams apart though which is quite impressive considering how much more metal is used in the 07rim. (or would be if it wasn’t drilled).

The pedals do make a huge difference, but the kh07 is lighter than a DX. as long as they are both stock that is definately true. Also if your friend has a crmo post those are quite alot heavier than the aluminium ones.

The JC’s on the 07 KH weighed 1.6 lb a pair

That’s a lot. I always wondered a bit how the weight of new uni’s is calculated. Now the new KH 08’s come with 2 sets of pedals. How is the overall uni weight calculated ?