Weight difference - KH20 vs. Summit 20

According to unicycle.com the summit trials uni is 12 ounces heavier then the KH20. I was wondering where all that weight is. The only real differences between the two that I can see are the seat and the frame.


Summit Trials

Another thing that struck me as odd, was that the KH20 uses 40mm bearing, and the Summit uses 41mm bearings. I assume that this means you can’t use a KH hub (with stock bearings) in a Summit frame. Am I wrong?


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look at the fork legs… the summit’s legs seem to be unnecessarily fat.


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yep the Summit legs are rectanguar,he KH legs are round…thats a pound right there…

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its the exact same hub in the new kh unis and the summit, however the kh pro frame is designed for the profile hub.

the kh hub also fits a nimbuss ii/yuni frame
desptie the fact that the bearings are a diferent size from the frame.

you can use a profile hub in a new style kh frame by using shims, aparently these shims might be available at unicycle.com

and you can’t put a kh hub in the kh pro frame(not that you’d want to.)

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The Summit was an older prototype for the KH frame that the factory decided to sell on the side. The main reason I asked them to change to the current KH fork blade tubing was because of the weight, and because the KH tubing is slightly slimmer which reduces the overall fork width.