Weight difference- KH Pro vs Wilder 6160c

I can not figure out how these two unicycles can possibly weigh the same. I checked out the specifications of both Unicycles at Unicycle.com and the Wilder frame claims to be the lightest in production at 1.44 pounds. I do not know the weight of the KH Pro frame but it must be less than or equal to 1.44 pounds for the maths to work.

KH Pro series - Weight 15.0 pounds

  • Magura hydraulic brakes
  • Kris Holm saddle by Velo
  • Sun Doublewide rim
  • Nokian Gazzaloddi 24 x 3.0 tire
  • Profile splined hub and 170-mm hollow crankset
  • Bearing size 40-mm
  • Primo Super Tenderizer Platform Pedals [img]http://www.unicycle.com/images/catalog/offroad/tn_KH24.jpg[/img]

Wilder Lightrider 6160c - Weight 15.0 pounds

  • Kris Holm saddle by Velo
  • Sun Doublewide (49-mm) rim
  • Nokian Gazzaloddi 24 x 3.0 tire
  • Poznanter-Profile 3/4-inch splined hub and crankset
  • 14g black spokes and 14g brass nipples
  • 40-mm OD sealed bearings
  • Primo Super Tenderizer platform pedals [img]http://www.unicycle.com/images/catalog/offroad/tn_UNW6160C.jpg[/img]

John Foss has indicated that most of the weight resides in the Doublewide rim and the Gazzaloddi tire, and both Unicycles have these parts in common along with the KH seat and Profile hub/cranks. The only differences I can see are the brake and frame. The spokes of the KH Pro are not mentioned in the features, but I assume they are just as heavy as the Wilder’s spokes. What I am wondering is how the KH Pro can have a Magura brake and a steel frame while weighing the same as the Wilder 6160c which has no brake and an Aluminium frame. The only reason I can think of for the difference is that the page has not been updated since the KH Pro came with the Miyata seat which weighs less than a Velo. Perhaps the 15 pound weight is excluding the hydraulic brake even though it comes as a standard feature. Can anyone help to shed some light on this mystery?

On Uni.com’s listing for the KHpro frame alone, they list the weight at 2.64 pounds. So… something is innaccurate. You’ll have to see if some of the owners of each will weigh their MUni’s and post the findings.

Check out Bronson Silva’s Webshots gallery. He has a gallery named “How much does that uni weigh?” where he weighs his KH24.
Bronson’s main gallery page
How much does that uni weigh?

Weights are going to be different depending on setup. Consider weights to be a ballpark figure. You’ll need to account for different rim, different tube, different seat, different seatpost, etc.

boy when are they going to update that KH photo,the Miyata seat on there is so funny looking and the crankx are still off a spline. :smiley:

I took my Wilder 6160c to a local bike store today and weighed it. It came to about 7kgs which equals just over 15 pounds, which seems about right accounting for the mud on the frame and tire. I haven’t made any changes to the Unicycle after buying it apart from cutting down the seatpost and riding it. I purchased the Wilder because I thought it would be the strongest, lightest, most expensive unicycle apart from the Carbon Fibre ones from the UK. I considered getting the Kris Holm Pro because it has a nicely shaped crown, and the brake attached, but I decided that weight savings would suit me better since a brake would weigh more and get in the way in some instances. I do not regret the choice I made, but I am still mystified as to how the KH Pro can weigh the same with a frame thats over a pound heavier and a brake attached. Thanks for posting the KH Pro frame weight Frank, I didn’t think of looking there for it. Could someone with a KH Pro 24" please weigh theirs and post the results? Preferrably if the seat is still the KH model and with the brake attached. Jagur, not only is the crank out of line, but they look like 145s and the description states 170mm cranks. No big deal I guess, but when spending that kind of money it’s nice to have accurate information about what you are getting. Looks like the weight might need updating as well as the picture.

heres a tiny bit of info on the topic of KH weight.

the new batch of KH pro frames will be a slight bit lighter than the 1st run,because the seat tube is going to be changed to 25.4

Some weights for you…

Wilder 6160C frame = 636g
KH20 frame = 1016g

So it’s probably safe to say the KH24 will weigh more than the 20 inch variety.

Thanks for the weights Neil, they confirm my suspicions. I don’t want to be too critical of the integrity of Unicycle.com’s data so I will not pursue the matter. Hopefully after the new batch of frames come they might reweigh the KH Pro and post up to date pictures and statistics for potential customers.