Weight Diff. steel to aluminum KH-24?

I am thinking about putting my old KH-24 up for auction and moving to the new aluminum one. What is the overall weight difference between the two unicycles (not frame…total weight)??
Anybody have a clue? If it is a pretty big difference, like say 3+ pounds, it is going to make my decision to move on that much easier to make.

Thanks peeps


anyone, anyone, Beuller? :wink:

why don’t you look it up on krisholm.com? I’m sure you find that info there (although I didn’t have a look at it)

only thing I have been able to figure out is that the alum. frame is about half a pound lighter than the steel frame…but I was really wondering if any of the other components have been lightened up and what the total weight loss would be.

Uni.com says the new muni is 14.8lbs, if that helps. The old KH muni was definitely not 17.8lbs, so the weight savings aren’t going to be THAT drastic.

The hub has lost some weight, but I don’t know how much. Other than that and the frame, the components don’t seem to have lost immense amounts of weight.

The seatpost on the new KH is aluminum alloy vs. the steel seatpost on the older KH. But then the alloy seatpost on the munis use the steel rail adapter. I’m not sure how much weight is actually saved by using the aluminum alloy seatpost.

the KH seat posts are now Alluminum.

I thought i could answer this one for you, coz i have the old KH product page saved, but there isnt a weight for the 24in.

It did have a weight for the 2004 KH trials which is 6.65Kgs, the 2005 KH trials weighs 5.7Kgs that 0.95 Kgs (almost 1kg differance!!) whatever that is in pounds??

Sorry not much help, but i guess the difference would be similar in the 24in,
except the trials comes with a lighter tyre than the previous. so not that similar. Not much help.

there was a post from Roger from unicycle.com saying they are putting togeter a list of all product weights, not shure what happened about that, cant find it on their site


Just a tad over 2lbs.

My 2003 has a steel seatpost, but my friends’ 2004 is aluminum.

Just want to remind everyone that none of the measurements on any website selling you unicycles is correct. They always make them seem lighter than they are. Also theres this:

KH24 Freeride

Size: 24” (rim diameter)

Weight: 7.05 kg (14.8 lbs)

Even the conversion is wayyy off. 7.05 kg = 15.54 lbs

It’s like that for all of them. Don’t trust any weight you didn’t take.

Sorry for the delay in getting the table with the weights up, had a few problems with my lack of ASP skills… so done it as html. :slight_smile:



Who cares.
They look great and your skills will only know the difference.

Losing weight won’t solve your problems.