weight diff Duro vs. Gazz


What’s the weight difference on the 24" Duro to the 24" Gazz 3.0"?


bump cause I wanna know too

Gazza: 1400g

Can’t find anything about the duro, pretty lousy they don’t spec the weight of the tyres at duro.com

Don’t go by the marketing weight that a manufacturer gives. Manufacturers of bike tires are notorious for lying about weight and size.

The only way to know the real weight is to weigh a new tire yourself or find the weights from a third party that you trust.

go-ride.com has weighed the 24x3 Gazz and says it’s 1500 grams. Their chart is here. But having the weight be a nice round 1500 makes me wonder how accurate the measurement is. Unfortunately they don’t have the specs on the Duro tire.

Oh, thought i got the weight form weight weenies, but no, got it from their site sigh

I have personally weighed a new 26 x 3" Gazz at 1636 grams.

How’s that for NOT helpful?

PS -

How bout starting a database of legit weights? I have this so far:

Item Weight (grams)
Nokian 26x3 1636
Alex 26" 768
Spokes - 26" 282
Rim strip - 26" 18
Tube- IRC 26 474
Thomson seatpost 258
Profile hub 596
Profile crank - LH 170 294
Profile crank - RH 170 320
Profile bearing x2 124
26" GB4 frame - .049" 1268
Primo Viking clamp 110

Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20(19) x 2.5" is 1000g (+/- 10g). I tried compiling a similar list to put up at www.unicycle.2ya.com but wasn’t up to the task. I’d still love to see someone do it. I think with our help, Klaas would be our man. :slight_smile:



I forgot about this page at the toronto unicycle club. It might save you some work and just link to your site. I can’t tell if it’s up to date, though.


Just thought of this. I will call uni.com next week and just ask them if they can weigh it. If that’s possible, then I will post the weight here for future reference.

I’ll taking off my used Duro and putting on my Gazz soon. I can weigh the duro once it’s off, but don’t know how much weight has been lost from knobby wear. Would that be helpful to you?


I must be one of the few MUni riders out there to swap out a Gaz for a Duro, which I vastly prefer. The Duro has a rounder profile, rolls and turns easier on steep technical terrain, grips great while side dropping down rock slabs and gives good rebound for hopping. It also FEELS lighter than a Gaz, but that’s strictly a subjective thing since I have no scale. The Gaz is cushier, but beyond that, the Duro is the bomb.


that post makes me wanna try out a duro when my gazz finally wears out.

i have ridden both and the gazz does offer more traction and cush but yes the duro is more forgiving in the turning area. id take my gazz 3.0 and put it back on if it wasnt on my bike. as for weight i have no exact measurement but if you want light yet well knobbied, go duro because it is noticeably lighter but the gazz is still the king:D


thanks. I should be able to call the Drummond family and see about weighing the tire this week. They might have them, even if they aren’t on the website. If I don’t post a weight, later, go ahead and weigh it when you get around to it. Even without the knobs, it could help.


Your comments regarding the hopping pushes me farther to try the Duro. We both ride similar terrain, anyways. One of these days we will finally ride together. Still on injured reserve, though:( .

After checking the UK Uni.com, which BTW, shows the weights on its website,

The Gazz comes in at 1475 grams

The Duro/Contra Identtiti 24 x 3.0 (which, if I understand the description of the Duro with the KH MUNI 2005, is the same as the Contra) comes in at 1495 grams.


Try to find a distributer… for the Duro in the US.

Just for reference, we do actually weigh all or our tyres instead of going on what the suppliers say that the items weigh… if you are wondering they always quote a lighter weight than is real.
I know that the tyres are all up to date and we have a spreadsheet with ALL of the tyres already on it with sizes and weights. I will see if my not very obliging labour force (that is a joke by the way!) will let me upload it on to the site and I will post the link for you all.


The Duro is now being sold at Unicycle.com under the name of Arrow Racing Savage.

Otherwise, have Darren Bedford send you one down. He just sent me two of the old Duro Leopards.



What PSI are you running in your Duro? I run my gazz at 17.5 and that works for me. I wonder if I run it at lower pressures than you, I might not get the same performance.

Try different pressures a lot.
That’s what I like about the Duro the most. It seems like there is more “range” depending on how much air pressure is added.
With the Gazz, I felt mush, cushy, rock.
With the Duro, I get dead, mush, bouncy, springy, rock.
I tried, but I don’t think I ever really go over the delayed reaction that the Gazz seems to have. I would UPD after continuing to pedal once I thought I cleared a bump - only to find out that the tire stored the energy and released it (what seems like) a full second later.

I just finished swapping the Gazz for a Duro.