Weight and Unicycling?

I’ve been looking at Unicycles at Unicycle.com and noticing that most of the off-road unicycles have warnings that the rim can only stand 10 in. drops with riders less than 150 lbs. I’m way past 150 lbs, is weight something to consider when choosing a uni? I’ll be using the uni mostly off-road and would like for it to last a long time and still take hard knocks with my fat frame.

Some variation of this question comes up regularly… It boils down to is the uni strong enough.

The quick answer most people will agree with is to get a Torker DX if you can only afford about $250 or so on Ebay, or get a KH uni if you can afford the roughtly $500. The DX is made from steal, making it heavy, and it has historically had a bit of an issue with the frame that may have been addressed with the 2007 model.

The KH is very strong and much lighter… Hence the higher price.

If you are not in America, other options like Qu-ax seem to become more common.

Koxx also makes some very strong unicycles, but some feel that at least in America, they are comperable to a KH but more expensive.

I weigh 230 lbs… I started with a Torker LX and outgrew it in like 3 months… I moved up to a Torker DX, and have been happy. But, I am not very extreme either…

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Be sure to read the threads about buying from A E Bike

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It actually says the “Wheel rated…”. They are refering to the entire wheel set.

The wheel sets with low drop ratings are the ones with standard hubs and cranks, that is where the weakness is. If you drop too big and/or too often you bend the cranks and possibly can break the square taper hub. Some low end rims may be suspect too.

You should consider going to a splined intermediate or expert uni if you’re concerned about drop strength.

  • They did fix the problem on the DX frame. The 2007 Frame is reinforced at the spot where it kept breaking.
  • I wouldn’t recommend getting the qu-ax because it’s about the same as the Dx but more expensive.
  • Koxx isn’t more expensive than KH. They’re $100 less.

Thanks, I’ll be checking out the Torker DX and i’ll remember to search. I wouldn’t have guessed that this comes up alot…
Thanks again,

Huh…only if you are talking about the cheap quax-cross series? The yellow hub/crank combo is far stronger, right? Or am I completely wrong?

I don’t think it is. The DX hub is pretty dang strong. I only think a couple of people have ever broken one.

As he said, outside the US the DX is impossible to come by unless you order from the US, so they Qu-Ax is cheaper everywhere else in the world.