Hello im new to the form and to unicycling .I was wondring how i can change my tire. i have a 20 savage my friend gave me. Thanks Alot :thinking:

I think you should change the saddle first :smiley:

There is a very recent post about this already. Search for it, and it will come.

Hi RedHead, welcome to the forums!

The first thing you need to do is work out what kind of unicycling you’re into. If you’re only learning then Its not really a big deal, but if you’re planning on using your savage for anything except learning on it might save you some bother in the long run.

The savage you have will be good for learning, or playing sports like unihockey, and maybe some freestyle, so you will probably be better off with a more road orientated tyre such as a Maxxis Hookworm which is an excellent freestyle, road or gym floor tyre I can recommend. Other tyres can be found here if you’re on a limited budget or are looking for something specific.

http://www.unicycle.com is an excellent place for unicycle parts, if or when you decide to upgrade other parts of your unicycle to keep up with your skill level.

To actually change the tyre you’ll need some tyre levers and a bit of determination. If you know someone who has changed a bike tyre before then they may be able to lend a hand.

Happy unicycling!


hey i no how to change the tire its geting the rim and tire of the uni and yes im geting a new trails soon:D

how do we say it?.. dur dur dur!

take off the bolts on the bottom.

hey thanks but u see maybe my friend gave it to me and the bolts were cover with tape cuz he cut him self on them so idid not no thay were bolts
but realy thanks