weekend's UPD counts!

It’s been awhile since I had a bad UPD but experienced one this 4th of July weekend, riding my Coker down the VERY crowded beach bike path. Some crazed woman tried to cut off another cyclist on the opposite path, which forced me to QUICKLY veer left; we came inches from full-blown CRASH. I was going about 10mph and the cyclist was going about 20mph when this happened. Unfortunatly for me, my extreme maneuver caused the UPD and my back fell on the pedal and the ground HARD. I rolled around in pain for awhile before I can move!
And to top it off the woman didn’t even apologize! I won’t be riding my uni for few days due to my bruises… sucks. :frowning:
This was one time, where my helmet, knee, arm, wrist guards and pads did not help.

Re: weekend’s UPD counts!

Those SoCal beach bike paths are the worst. Very pretty, but inappropriate for speeds over 5MPH. Hope you feel better soon.