Weekend at the Lake

A video of me using my slackline for the first time and doing some fun unicycling:

Nice! Slacklining is my second-favourite sport (after unicycling of course ;))

Wow! First weekend with the slackline? You’re doing great. Looks like a beautiful place for both sports.
Slacklining is the bomb.
Have you tried it barefoot? It makes it a little bit easier. Also is that a gibbon? It looks like a cool pattern.

Thanks guys.

It was my first weekend with my slackline, but we had one in gym class for 5 days, so I already had about an hour of practice. I tried it barefoot but I found it a little bit slippery, I’ll try it again next time. The slackline is actually just a camo ratchet strap from a hardware store.

I have a gibbon. I got it for my birthday last year tried it for like a week. This vid makes me want to bust it out again.

That was a really nice video, great editing!

I really want to buy one now :smiley: