Wednesday in Santa Barbara, Muni ride and then Kris's demonstration

I thought I’d let one of the local SB’ers start this but no one has.

Kris Holm had a demonstration at the Horny Toad outdoor clothing store Wednesday night. They sponsor him. A bunch of guys from around southern California met that afternoon to ride in the hills above the mission. 9 of us total. 3 from San Diego, 2 from Longbeach, me from Ventura, and 3 from Santa Barbara. The ride was awesome. Fortunately it wasn’t nearly as hot as the day before and we all survived.

At 7:30 we all made it to the store where Kris was. There were about 40 people in the store I think. Kris asked who could ride and probably 75% of the people raised their hands. It was awesome. He showed his skills off for a while. Basic things like one foot forwards, backwards… :roll_eyes: Then hopping up onto picnic tables, mounting and riding on rails, riding on the side. All very nice things. Afterwards there was a raffle, shirts, hats, some sunglasses, and a KH20 freestyle. I didn’t win anything. I had 197 and 179 and 196 were both called but not mine. Grr. After this we all hung out buying stuff and trying the unicycles Kris had brought. He gave people tips on learning different things.

Unfortunately Kris was too busy to ride with us that day or ride with anyone the next day. On the whole it was a great day.

Some guys took pictures of our ride. Someone even took some videos. I think the only videos that I was in are ones where I am carrying my 20" Summit down the parts I couldn’t ride. I DIDN’T WALK THE WHOLE TRAIL! :smiley:

For those who took pictures, once you put them up I’d like to see them.

Cool! About 7 hours after you first met Kris, Zach Jucha, Mike Middleton, and I met in Justin Herman plaza (the same place where Mike and I met Mango (Eric)) to do some filming, ourselves. We got a ton of video, and had a great time. There was one move I have down, except when Zach’s camera is trained on me. I did it twice in a row without any dabs, and then Zach filmed me and I didn’t land it once in the next fifteen tries :angry: . About forty takes and two hours later, i landed it cleanly. Mabey Zach’ll put it in his video. Mike landed this awesome pedalgrab into a gap up onto a trashcan. It was mad sick, although I then turned green with envy :frowning: . It was from this pole that I beat Mike up by a week, but then he breaks out this gap off of the pole onto a trashcan, and I never landed it. Whatever. All in good fun. Also, seeing it was amazing.

Zach landed some cool grinds, and Mike nearly landed a 31" hop about five times. He kept getting up but having his tire slip. I myself set a personal height record as I waited for Zach-29 inches! Mike also got a mad sick gap on viedo, and a nice pedalgrab onto a planter. We also got video of him doing a fakey rolling six set. If you don’t know what that means, get Zach’s video when it comes out and watch. I wanted to land my most epic trick ever, but sadly some people were in the way. I was going to jump onto a park bench, and then do a rather large pedalgrab onto a 3" diameter pole about 4 feet off the ground,a dn then go over the pole. But, alas, solme people decided ot sit on the bench:( .

Hope you had fun, I know I did. Also, if Zach puts our riding in his video, it’ll be the first time I’ll ever be in any sort of vid:) .

P.S. Sorry for the thread jackifying.

That was a good time for all. He had brought in a bike rack, one with a L design. The top tube must have been 2" in diameter. It was awesome watching him place the tuni up on the top, free mount onto the tuni, balance and then ride the length and off. He did that several times. Incredible.

After his demonstrations, he did a mini workshop in a 6 x 6’ foot area sandwiched within some clothing racks. He’s always cordial and answers all questions. It was informative just listening.

I was surprised by the families, I figured it would be just kids and adults. I videoed the entire thing, but was on the ground with my son Nikolaus in my lap, who at times moved around and bumped the camara. I still haven’t had time to view the footage. Not sure if it would fit in the gallery, due to it’s size. I hope to put it on CD, then maybe send a copy to people, but realistically, things are hectic enough, and it won’t get done.

You have to see him ride rough terrain, that’s a kick! He’s got the alacrity of a cat.

I was talking to Hans afterward and he commented on Mango and crew as the guys from San Diego. He was really amazed at their riding.

Let me see if I got this straight. gerblefrankling you are Matt? And Teachndad you didn’t go on the ride Wed right?

Whoa there cowboy! Gerblefranklin lives up in Berkeley and is about 12 years younger, weighs a third less than me and has MUCH less tattoo work :slight_smile:

Sorry it took me so long to post something about the ride but it took me the last few days to make up for skipping out on work early on Wednesday.

So Wednesday @ 2:00 finally shows up and Eyal and I take off from UCSB. We swing by his place to pick up gear then off to meet what we think is only going to be 2 guys from San Diego. When we pull up there are 5 guys standing in the parking lot with unicycles. After getting out and meeting everyone another person pulled up. So the group consisted of Matt from SB(me), Eyal from SB, Matt from Ventura (rayden), Andrew from Long Beach, Andrew’s friend from Cypress (Sorry I can’t remember your name), Erik from San Diego (Mango) and Jake and John from San Diego + we met Hans from Santa Barbara at the trailhead. Total of 9 riders.

Everyone packed up in cars and we headed off to Cold Springs. For some reason when I programmed in the coordinates for Cold springs in my trucks autopilot I accidentally hit “Romero Canyon”. Although this too is a fun trail it was not the one that Hans was waiting at. We finally ended up at Cold Springs, geared up, and started the hike up to the top.

I of course was bringing up the rear and took the shortcut over to the main trail. The others went to the Edison Catwalk and dropped in. The ride down was great. We got to see how other people handle the same sections that give us a hard time. Nothing like some fresh blood on the trail!

We had pretty varying skill levels out on the trail and everyone did great. Cold Springs has some VERY dangerous sections with nothing on the right but 50 - 100 ft drops. Everyone rode within there skill levels in these sections and only one uni went overboard and Jake was able to recover.

Santa Barbara is in danger of having its front country trails closed to Mountain Bikes/Muni’s. I brought this up to everyone before the ride and asked that we get off the unicycles when hikers are approaching and let them pass with a nice hello. I’d like to thank everyone for doing such a great job on trail etiquette. The only person who didn’t do well was myself for forgetting to bring trail bells for everyone.

So we finished up the ride and met up @ SB Outfitters @ 7:30. There was a large crowd including most of the MTB folks I had told about the event. What I wasn’t expecting were all the local kids and late teens that had unicycles. We passed out lots of club cards offering free unicycle lessons. Kris was great! I have seen more riding pictures of him than I care to admit and none of them compare to seeing his skills in person.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Although I wasn’t expecting that many people on the ride I was sure glad you all came. We’ve got to do it again soon!

As for pictures, my camera died before riding. Hans took these. Robert Berstein, a local unicyclist, took these.


Matt from Ventura (Rayden),

Nope, I wasn’t at the ride. I’ve ridden with Hans a few times when Scot Cooper pulled me in for a ride when he was down here. One of these days I will get up there again, but probably not until after school is out. Weekdays will be best and in the morning. I will be in touch with Matt for rides up there. Rayden, maybe we can meet for a ride between Ventura and West Hills in June - August. I did one six miler in Newberry park once. Not too much technical stuff though.

This is what it looks like when Kris Holm has thoroughly blown your mind :smiley: (Hans left, Andrew right):

Thanks a lot guys! I had such a good time! I had that look on my face at KH’s thing too. haha.

That was the most people i’ve ever munied with. And what an awesome trail! Everyone did great too. Thanks for letting me borrow your muni for that section, Eyal.

Here are pics of the kritters Jon and Jake pulled outa the stream towards the end of the muni ride:

…those crazy kids!

I’ll definitely come ride with you all again! I’ll try to post some more when im not so brain dead. I hope you get home safe, Mr. Holm.

Thanks thanks thanks!

PS. I managed to get a little poison oak on my face. lol. Figures i would get it.

PPS. I hate P.S.'s

All true, except I live in SF:) .
As for the poision oak, how does one get poision oak on their face? I went on a muni ride with Nathan Hoover, Zack Baldwin, and Mike Middleton, and according to Zack, Nathan, and Mike, I rode, crawled (steep, slippery hill. I fiigured I could grab some shrubs to help me up), and walked through a large amount of poision oak. But I never felt a thing. How does one tell?

bevan- when are we gonna see some of the footage? it sounds real good!

Ha, sorry about that Bevan I guess I thought you were in Berkerly because I remember you talking about some of the Co-ops there.

So how many days ago was it that you crawled through the poison oak. I’m severly allergic but it takes about 4 days before it starts to show up. Even if you don’t show any signs don’t assume you’re not allergic. I didn’t have reactions to poison oak or Ivy until I was about 21. Now I can’t get anywhere near the stuff with out having a reaction.

I just had some show up on me today from my ride on wednesday. Guess I missed a spot with the Technu. :angry:


As for some of the footage, Zack said he’d release the vid on DVD when it was done. he said it’d be free, except for shipping. I myself don’t have any of the footage. As for the poision oak, I think it was about 43 days ago:) . So I guess I didn’t react. I don’t know if I’m allergic.

Where are Hans’ videos of me walking the trail? :smiley:

Sorry about confusing your name Matt. I met so many people that day it was all a blur. I know everyone’s name now. :smiley:

The guy from Cypress is Kyle.

No prob I was just giving you a hard time. Not sure about Han’s videos. I’ll ask him the next time I see him.