webshots.com picture of the day!!!

I just received a call from my dad telling me to check out webshots.com. When i questioned him he pleaded no comment. So i complied and i went to the website and low and behold i saw myself looking back at me on the screen!

if u view this link sometime after today (dec. 8th) then the picture of the day will obviously have changed so u can go here : http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2281410140011637748auFRDa

Sure its cool to get picture of the day but its cooler that they would pick a picture of unicycling for picture of the day.

He has some other pretty cool picture in his album.

Hmmm Yes, I’m not sure why they chose that particular one as i have my favorites from that gallery. We took these pictures in St George Utah like 2 weeks ago whilst we were filming for a movie with Atak Films/4ToN productions. The photographer was my dad and the rider is me. :slight_smile: