Webpage adres?

Could anyone please give me the adresse to the page with unicycling
videos. The one with a lot of grinding. Some of the files was called:
ade 720.avi, adehandrail.avi.
I also wondered if anyone of you have had problems with these videos,
because I have.

look at under “motion” @ www.cleardrear.com.


Re: Webpage adres?

That is the right page, thank you. Have anyone of you had problems with
these videos, they just crash my video players.

Re: Re: Webpage adres?

They work for me, but the pages are coded to embed the video player in the browser window which could be problematic for some computers depending on the setup.

The videos have an AVI extension but they are actually MPEG 1 (VCD) videos.

It would be easier if there was a direct download link for the videos instead of making them play in the embedded video player.