webcast for tallest uni attempt

We will be broadcasting the attempt live on line. You can hit the link from our site at www.semcycle.biz The ride will take place between 6 and 7pm EST. (That is GMT-5) The live cams of building and testing may be set up earlier during the day and you may get some of that if you tune in earlier (we will be on site at 8am and as soon as we can get the cams rolling you will be able to watch) Enjoy!


btw - you will have to download the latest version of QuickTime from apple.com to view

Re: webcast for tallest uni attempt

So cool! Thanks Teresa! I’ll be there.

Re: webcast for tallest uni attempt

this thread should be ‘sticky’
in the meantime i’ll just bump it

and only after i realised that i misunderstood the international time thing again and logged on, very excited, to see what happened in the early hours of this morning
then realised that it’ll be in the early hours of 2moro morning
(my time)

I’m : -

a. living in the UK (sheffield)
b. too stupid to work out what time I should be logging on to watch this

Can anyone who’s good at working this stuff out tell me what day and time (UK time) I should be in front of my computer?


i’m a quick learner

they’re in a GMT-5 time zone
u’re at (or about GMT)
therfore u r +5 hours ahead of them
add the five hours to the local time they indicate (6-7pm) and u’ll find yourself in front of your pc at?


move to the front of the class

“to teach is to learn twice”


Cheers Gild.

I will be getting to bed late tonight then.

I think that will be the case for a fair number of British riders.

Fool - if you live in Reading I’m just down the road from you.



Yes, we have played hockey togeter when Sarah organised it. We ought to get that going again.


Howdy everyone! I really wish I could be at the SilverDome today!

I’ll be checking the web cam for Sem on that 35 meter tall
unicycle via http://www.semcycle.biz/.

Just have to make sure I’ve got a computer with the latest version
of quicktime. I just wish Apple made a version for Linux.

OK, just fire up OS X on my old G3 and see if it can handle the
new quicktime version. It would be nice to have a G5 though!

Wouldn’t it be great to own a 35m tall unicycle. It certainly is a
great work of engineering art!

Best of luck Sem! I’ll be watching via the web cam, I hope.

Thanks Teresa, for keeping us informed.


Ken Fuchs <kfuchs@winternet.com>

has anyone seen if the webcast has started yet? i do not see anything on my computor yet

well its going now but the feed on my computor really sucks

I’m just getting a green screen with some big pixels in the middle.

It seems to be up and running now for me.


My quicktime doesn’t recognize it at all, but I was able to get it for a bit on RealNetworks.


I got past the green screen, atleast for a short time, I believe this is caused by a high packet error rate. I am assuming there are too many of us trying to view for their available bandwidth.

Will probably give up and go to bed soon, and wait for the more reliable highlights as I’ve seen nothing but the Quicktime logo for 10 minutes.

Hope it goes well.


i dont have enough bandwidth. what does that mean?

im not sure, i am getting the same thing now too

Try increasing your bandwidth. In Quicktime, go to Edit, select Preferences, go to Quicktime Preferences, select Connection Speed in the top box, then enter your speed.

However, I think the main problem is at their end.


I was getting “not enough bandwidth” errors the first couple minutes.

Now no errors, but all I have been getting is the green Quicktime
logo for the last 15 minutes.