web page updated

Hey Guys,

Ive done a fairly major update to my webpage. Ive posted all the pics from the build of my new unicycle, and pics of the jigs I used to build the frame. All the pics are linked to an enlargement and a (hopefully) useful explanation.

you will find it at


the projectmuni page is new, and the projectFB and minigiraffe pages have been updated.

Leo Yu
Sydney, Australia


Clean, simple, strong looking frame. Nice welds. There is some chemical process to get rid of the discoloration isn’t there?

On the photo of the bearing clamp, okebearingclose.jpg, the clamp looks overtightened. Is there a big gap on the other side that I can’t see? Why titanium…just to be kinky or did you have the hardware available?

Is the four cross spoke pattern stronger for torque and springier for jumping than the more standard three cross?

Your jig looks very well engineered and easy to use. Can you knock these frames off quickly?

Unfortunately, I couldnt get the EXCACT tube for the seattube. I wound up having to use 1"OD x .052" instead of .058". the .052" material gives a clearance of .019" to the 7/8"OD seatpost. thats why I had to cut a bigger slot in the seattube and squeeze it up. In practise, it hasnt yet caused me any problems, it dosent move or spin. If I had the choice, Id go for the .058, but you cant have everything!

The titanium bolts just happened to be there, and they were the right size. Plus, I just HAD to have something titanium on it!

From what I was told, the 4 cross is supposedly stronger and holds true for longer. Due to the small clearance, I thought that strong is good. Its the same weight and amount of spokes regardless.

The Jig is pretty simple. Took me about 2 hours to make it. I can create a frome from scratch in about 2 hours, quicker if Im doing more than one at a time. The only problem with it is time at the welders. The welders charge a bomb, and they cant seem to grasp the fact that I need it to be perfectly straight. I thought about the commercial viability of making more, but unless I buy a TIG welder, its not worth it.

Thanks for your comments!


there is, its called chrome plating… LOL

I dont know of any other way, but it dosent matter, I quite like the discolouration!


Great write up! Thanx for shairing!

As for discolouration: heat colouring is just pritty oxidization- fine sanding/buffing should make it vanish, as it is only on the surface.

I think I might have some questions about the project- once I wake up :slight_smile:


Thanks. Now that I have woken up, Ive been through the site and corrected MANY mistakes and typos. The only REALLY bad one was the weight. That has been rectified.

I kinda like the colour. I might find out how much gold chrome plating costs… like the finish on the frames of Ducati motorcycles. yummmmmmmm…


Often a coat of Copper or Nickel is put down before the crome… just the copper layer would look great! Of coarse, you’d have to wax it… :slight_smile: