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>munibods wrote:
>> Anyone rode across the atlantic yet??? maybe we need to call guiness
> I don’t know but John Foss’ home page used to have a picture of David Ramos
> riding his unicycle on the Ocean Floor. That was on the "Things not to do
on a
>Unicycle" section.

okay, this brings to mind a question I’ve been stressing out over. I always
assumed it was a bad idea to ride in the rain or snow or anything like that b/c
it might damage the unicycle. But then I see pictures like these. Is it really
safe to ride my uni (my primary uni is a Schwinn) in the rain?

also, even if rain or snow is safe, what about the road salt they’re using right
now to kill the snow? That stuff is everywhere!

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Re: weather question

Good question! What about that road salt residue and moisture in general
getting into the spokes, rims, etc.??? Can’t that ruin the wheel? Thanks for
the advise. Anyone interested in a Unicycle/Coker Club in the
Baltimore/Annapolis, Maryland area. !?! I have just gone the distance of 20
miles in a few hours on a new Coker and would love the company of other
interested distance uniriders around here.