weather in dusseldorf

Could someone give me some news on the weather for the marathon in dusseldorf? preferently good news.

It seems it’s cold up there, and I don’t think it’s going to change a lot during the next 15 days.

Here in são paulo today the temperatures will be min. 18 C and max. 24 C. And the forecast says -1 to 9 in dusseldorf!!!

You’ve ever been to Germany before? :smiley: Not quite the same weather like Brazil, sadly…yeah, it’s pretty cold here at the moment, but -1 seems a bit exaggerated… Expect something like 10 degrees, fear less, bring a warm sweater, and you’ll be fine, there’s a warm shower and massages available afterwards :smiley:

(going to muni next weekend, forecast: snow, yehaa :D)

And dont forget clothes for rainy weather… doesnt look that good atm…

Last year it was really hot!!! I was suffering by the end :astonished: … thankfully they had some showers to ride through to cool down on the course :slight_smile: