Wear yor crash protection!

I’m in Florida where it is beginning to get warm.I was debating the shin guards because of the heat, but put them on anyway. Went to freemount my 26" on cement, didn’t do something right and found myself being pitched forward pretty hard. Put out my hands with the heavy plastic wrist guards, then went to my left knee, then shoulder roll. Got up, dusted off, got on correctly and rode away.Thank goodness I decided to keep wearing all this stuff.

I agree - protection is better to have then not. I found that out 3 weeks ago when I did my first attempt at Muni with no knee protection and had a painful UPD.

That said we are at the coolest time of the year here right now and its hot as hell just with the knee pads, not sure how uncomfortable it will be in August with shin guards as well (I have been delaying buying some but wont delay it much longer) - being too hot is still better than getting an injury.

Helmet and gloves are also a must.

Glad you are ok. It is still cold here in Maine (-13 C (9F) when I went for a spin this morning). I love my shin guards as they keep my legs warm, but I can see that being a problem in the summer. I might have to switch to just knee pads and risk pedal bites during casual rides.

But it is tempting to go without pads on non-muni rides - especially when I see videos of freestylers doing some pretty amazing things without any pads!

Everytime I get on my UNI have this feeling I am going to land on my face. The first time my wife saw me ride, after several weeks of practice, my feet froze in place. I went face down and, because of my wrist guards, I missed hitting by only a couple inches. Ever since then I question if all my leg muscles are going to get moving when my mind tells them to get moving. :slight_smile:

My daughter and I went door to door to sell Girl Scout cookies on our unicycles. With short little rides between houses it was really tempting to ditch the pads. We thought we would sell more cookies if we rode our unicycles, but it wasn’t the case. Next year we will try giraffes.

I don’t think that selling cookies from giraffes will work to well, but you never know.

Everytime I get thrown off on my Muni rides I am soooo glad I have my shin/knee guards on. I can remember the last two vividly, I was in the air thinking "uh oh, this is gonna hurt… oh wait, I have pads on… " proceed to come down hard on my knees and walk away pain free. This happens all the time to me. Love the pads!

I’ve had two bad falls while learning to ride. In both instances my helmet has allowed me to roll out of it and absorbed the impact.

My wife just bought me a new helmet. I’m getting my name put on the front and I will be wearing it every time I ride. :smiley:

I have a big scar on my knee from kneepads. More accurately, it’s from finishing the 10-mile ride with the kneepads on, after falling after a mile or so. Dirt was probably rubbing into the wound with each pedal stroke. At least I kept the knee covered in case I crashed again… :smiley:

I will never leave home without my gloves, even for a 10 minute ride I won’t.

It all depends how comfortable you feel

I never ride protection while commuting on my unicycle.

I will not ever do a Muni ride or trials session without full protection.
KH gloves, elbow and forearm guards, Azonic Neoprean knee and shinguards and shoes that cover my ankles. Makes me feel warm and cozy in the heat but hell heat is better than broken bones!

On light cross country that is not technical I usually wear the knee/shinguards and helmt but skip the elbow guards and KH gloves.

Equipment failure can lead to bad falls. I had a bad one after a squaretaper braking, with no protection. Luckily I didn’t get hurt. Lesson learned…

I like it! Add a line that says if found return me to …

Hey there. Where in Florida? I’m in WPB area.

I wear all of my protection. High top shoes, ankle braces, knee/shin guards, hillbilly cya impact shorts, elbow/forearm pads, hillbilly wrist guards and helmet.

I don’t wear pads, just a helmet.
With the extra heat, my endurance would decrease and I’d sweat more. That would prohibit me from pushing as hard, which would lower my enjoyment.

I’m ok with the occasionally cuts, bruises, and skin loss. My only concern is broken bones/joints. I’d hate to be out of the game for months, but I don’t want to be in the game if I’m not enjoying it.

Just another point of view. Pads protect everyone, but still aren’t for everyone.

I’m snowbirding for a while on the west coast in Englewood.

Did you have to replace your helmet yourself the first time?

Personally I do wear gloves most of the time - though for possibly the majority of my rides that’s the only protection I wear, and in the summer I don’t always bother with those. If I’m riding muni or guni I also wear a helmet and usually switch my gloves to ones with wrist protection. When learning new stuff I sometimes put on shin pads depending on what I’m doing. The only time I’ve ever worn knee or elbow pads to ride was for my first few rides on the guni. I must just be a risk taker - but the only injuries I’ve had from riding a uni are to my shins and my tailbone (I do sometimes also shove a bit of padding down the back of my shorts).

Haha - no. I was using my ice-hockey helmet and it was a tad bulky so she bought me a BMX style helmet in my favourite colour (yellow).

I wore shin pads while learning to free mount, now I use my ice-hockey shin/knee combo for rougher areas. I have elbow pads reserved for longer road rides as tiredness will probably be a factor and I ride in a pair of steel toe-capped mountain walking shoes.

I’d like a pair of the KH gloves, but no spare cash so I just wear a pair of thick Thinsulate ones.

I feel like if i feel protected i push my self harder. if i dont wear my shin gaurds i dont do big drops or skinnies