i just got harassed for my forth time now when ever i go uniing i carry mace and ia knife paranoid :angry: :angry:

Mace? I thought mace was for girls.

Where are you that there is such harrassment?

It’s for anyone who feels they may need to make someone’s eyes feel like they are burning.
Anyway, why are you being harassed? In what way are you being harassed?

I first thought you said you carry “a mace” - which would be a lot cooler than a can of mace.

And who is that it harassing you? If they’re people your age or slightly older, these following suggestions are guaranteed to help.

Unisteve’s patented way of not getting harassed:
-never smile
-swear at people who harass you (if you’re forceful and confident it makes them feel bad)
-keep not smiling
-start working out to build muscle (tranlation: get ripped)
-swear more
-wear clothing that makes it (at least slightly) apparent that you are ripped because you lift weights (because if no one knows you’re ripped then your training for exhibitionism will have been for naught)
-continue swearing at your harassers loudly and confidently while not smiling

Yes, I believe that’s it. I follow as many of my suggestions as I can when I am being harassed, which is not often, because I follow my suggestions. It is in this manner that I know my suggestions work.

Yeah, who would mess with you if you carried one of these?


A guy with a shot gun?

True dat. Neither kind of mace would help you against Cheney (or any other random shotgunner).

Are you getting harrassed by more than one guy? If not, ride away. If you are, be prepared to get swarmed the second you mace one of them and have the crap beat out of you.

Also, don’t carry a knife. It’s a good way to get stabbed or go to jail.

There are 100 other ways out of the problems you are having here besides carrying a weapon. Chances are if you ever get mad enough to pull it you’re going to get it taken away and used against you.

there is a wide selection of intimidating weapons, for example, any of these would work just fine:

Of those, I’d suggest the top one, real nasty.

I believe it would be possible to use a unicycle with lethal force. if you feel like you are riding somethng wickedly dangerous, maybe you’ll have just enough attitude about you to scare the people who are causing you trouble.

No one has ever harrassed me when I was riding with Miss Ayerley. I can think of no more powerful weapon than one which demands impeccable spelling, grammar, and diction. If she’s in your area, arrange a ride with her. I believe she’s located just before study hall.

This is way better


ive been maced before, it feels like you stuck ur face in a fire and snot starts comin out like CRAZY if you feel the need to spray a friend or get sprayed by a friend, make sure theres a hose near by and keep it on till it feels better (about 45 minutes(its fun to make em find the hose on there own))

as for A mace, it may actually be LEGAL to carry one near your house. OR a bow and arrows are most likely to be legal! it may even be legal to fire it in public!

I agree with just using the uni as a weapon if a weapon must be used. The last thing we need in the world is more people carrying weapons on our streets because it only escalates. Big guys intimidate smaller guys, smaller guys bring out knives or mace and the like, big guys are now intimidated they bring bigger weapons and it escalates. You could probably protect yourself better with a uni and no one sees it as a weapon. Improvised weapons often are the most deadly as it is, in Ottawa according to some police I talked to a couple years back they are actualy the number one murder weapon here. I’m not saying that deadly force is necesary, it totaly isn’t, but I’m just saying that you aren’t helping the problem by carrying weapons.

I don’t carry any weapons when I ride… extra weight, though I’ve considered getting bear-level mace/pepperspray for muni in NH… I’ve seen bear more than once, and there are coydogs (coyote/dog mixes) around my riding areas too, though I’ve never seen them while riding.

As for being harrassed while riding by people… Aside from the occasional clown comment and unintelligble shout out of a car window, I haven’t gotten anything yet. To quote the Superfriendz song “Karate Man”:
“Your knowledge and confidence and power is more than enough” :smiley:

I always carry a pen. Beats mace, sword, shotgun, or nuke any day. Oh, and business cards for economic clout. Scott and I sometimes have business-card-handing-out duels. I’m still the fastest draw, but it’s getting closer. :sunglasses:

Use your Uni skillz and Uni as a weapon, I’m sure knowone wants to get pedal grabed in the face :astonished: ouch
Or it would be awsomely sick if you wall planted on their chest or somtin’