We won!!! and there is another OC uni ride this weekend.

Congratulations to the 31 members of my club who rode in the parade on Saturday, March 1st. We have recieved a letter from the mayor saying we won first place out of well over 100 entries. We will celebrate with a ride and ice cream sundays at the YMCA on Crown Valley in Laguna Niguel at 4:15 this Saturday, the 15th of March at 4:15. Even if you did not ride in the parade come join us for a great ride through Laguna Niguel Regional Park!!!

That’s awesome Adam congrats to you and your uni club!

Sweet we won! I will bring my new Powder Coated KH20. I get it back on Friday. Today i painted my hub black (just spray paint nothing special but because its the hub i don’t think that it will really scratch). It looks awesome.:smiley:

For some cool pictures of our group in the parade scroll to the bottom of this page http://danapointdocs.org/2008-PARADE/index_5.html