Feel free to critisize my choice of thread title, it would only be right, karmically.)

And we’re thinking about using the WE SUC! (South African Unicycling Convention, geddit?) slogan to brand the Unicycling component of the convention?


Online registrations?

SUC is how we shorten Swedish Unicycling Convention (It’s only taken place once though). But maybe we can both SUC? :wink:

Nice poster by the way

Thanx, it’s Alan’s handiwork.

I think we can agree to both SUC, but then you guys are going to have to organise another convention.

that is a sweet poster, and I like the We SUC idea.

i like the ‘We SUC!’
it is something that will make people stop and do a double take.
plus it would be a sweet tshirt to have that says,
on the front and the
South African Unicycling Convention
on the back, or vice versa.

Jugglers may be chucking,
But we SUC.