we rode the Bike Attack

today we rode the bike-attack in lenzereide, switzerland. it’s a freeride bike race with 2000 meters downhill length: 20 km!
600 bikers started in front of us. but: we made it and only 474 of the bikers!
of course our time wasn’t that good (mine 1:37) but there were even 4 bikers slower then me. two others of us had 2:10 and one had to give up (first he got hurt at the knee, even with the 661: 3 stitches tonight, but he rode further, then his brake gave up and so he did after ca 2/3 of the race)

it was really hard to ride, i could only 3-4 times switch in the higher gear, to many rocks, roots etc. but it was also alot of fun and the riders and spectaculators gave us many probs.
hope maybe next year there will be even more unicyclist there!

PICS (unfotunately not riding, but they should also come)

Nice pic’s!!! I could get into some downhill unicycling and mountain biking. Hope thiers more people for you to ride with next year!

more pics

here the originals with all the bikers