We Ride Flanders

Last Saturday I rode part of the “We Ride Flanders” sportive course in Belgium and ended up in this video taken at the finish line. I have no idea what the two guys were saying. While on the course I got many comments with most riders saying, “Courage, Chapeau, Success, and etc”.

I signed up for the 74km route but only did 32km which was a pretty good ride from town to Koppenberg and back. I would have loved to do the whole route but really wasn’t in shape to try it as I’ve been recovering from a knee injury.

I heard there was a penny farthing rider but didn’t see him.

Anyone else do this ride before?

Can any one transcribe what the bald bloke said?. Could add some interesting subtitles…

I went last year but did it with my bike. Might have to give it a try with my unicycle, but I only have a 27,5er.

I would be happy to help translating but the video link only contains a video track but no soundtrack :frowning:

Thanks for the offer to translate but the video didn’t come with audio. He might have been one of the guys who asked after the race if I did the whole 74km ride. I only did 32km but people were impressed with that distance.

I’d love to see someone do the full 74km course on a unicycle.

Welcome to the forum BieRider.

These days I usually ride 13km, 5 days a week.

Last year I trained to ride a marathon by gradually increasing up to 100km a week every other week for several weeks. Two weeks ago I did a 40km ride without any extra training. It seems as if once you gain the ability to ride longer distances you’ll retain that skill as long as you ride regularly. BTW, I started three years ago and have only taken a couple of two week breaks from riding because of injury. I don’t foresee riding more than 42km unless I get motivated to do a special event.

Hope you keep at it!