We quit unicycling!

Didnt your mum tell you if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. :wink:

got sand up ur vag? just chill man

didnt take me long to find ur dp on google lol. not that it wasnt already obvious ur just a tool who has nothing better to with ur time anyway. i dunno wat ur trying to do but ur wasting ur time on here

Isaac, most chances are that this ‘user’ is just a second account of someone already on the forum. Look at the number of post, and which thread he posted in. No need to search his display picture on google for that :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just obvious with # of post, and the profile haha.

So he’s either just joking or being a bitch but with another screen name. (Just like that time with Justin’s Kohse part in Defect ahha)

I kinda figured. Couldn’t see any other reason for it.:stuck_out_tongue: What ever…

so u reckon he made this account simply just to rag on the penny farthing video? again: waste of time

edit: i mean who would hav a specific hate for most forumers? hmmm… shaun? lawl

Yes. Just like the time when ‘i don’t remember the screenname’ only ‘registered’ to talk shi* about JK’s part in Defect… or all the times Shaun J. created new accounts…

Dude, have you ever heard of having fun?
Not all videos are serious, we just wanted to entertain people and show them what we’ve been doing… Don’t have a fit over it.

Besides, IF you unicycle, surely you should be more open minded towards new things anyway…

Big up the UK penny farthing scene! :sunglasses:

Gotta get one of those things…

lawlz you guys are taking this troll too seriously. Just ignore it and report the posts. Things are much easier that way. We all should be smart enough by now not to be trolled like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Smartest thing I have heard all day.

Haha I love this guy! :smiley:
Have a virtual hug. Hug

Yeah he is pretty cool. I ate an apple for people like him once.


The funniest thing is people who take him seriously… like Isaac (no offense dude) but people who take him seriously have to understand all he wants is to bug people and get attention: You just have to ignore him.





hey man, you mess with any member of team DIIIIRRRTTYYYY NEEEDLEZ!!!

and YOu migHT get Stuck with one SUCKA!!!

OHHHHH YAAAA>>>>!>!!>!!! :sunglasses:


I can honestly say that I love the things I hear on this website. Great people. Ill take a million troll posts for just one of these.