We have started a Unicycle club

I have helped start a Unicycle club at my Daughters school.

We had our first introduction meeting yesterday, and it went well. There were over 20 there, and I think a few of them will learn quite quickly. More importantly they all seemed to have fun, and I think most of them will be back next week.


How did you get this started?

how many unicycles are available for the club?

You mean unicyclists, right??? :stuck_out_tongue:

No… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m curious of how many unicycles he has for the club… I’m starting my own at my school soon and I’m trying to figure out how many unicycles might be needed.

The Head Teacher started a club in his old school, and asked me to help out get a club started in this school, I do quite a lot of electrical work at the school with my job, so I was introduced to him as the “Guy who unicycles”.

We have about eight unicycles, but really need more, we are planning geting a few more, and some of the kids seem very keen to get their own unicycles.

It would be really good if we had one unicycle each, hopefully we can get close to that in the future.


Well I recently started a club at my college and all I needed was 5. I have a “uni library” and people can just come to my house and pick up a uni to practice on and then bring it back when they are done. This way everyone can practice even if they don’t own a unicycle! So far its been working well!