We have a new cokeur!

Hey, this is another one of those i got a new nimbus 36" threads.

Specs are:

nimbus frame, T7 handle, kh seatpost, airfoil, stainless steel spokes, TA tyre, 150mm prowheel cranks, yellow snafus at the moment, a TREK water bottle holder of my now redundant 2 wheeled thingy, and a skull valve cap!

UDC Australia were great in getting this to me so fast and for a reasonable price too! i recommend them to everybody.

i have the airfoil rim, but im not sure if its the one that can’t take the coker tyre, if for some reason i ever wanted to change, how do i find out if i have the good old rim or the newer smaller ones?
the TA tyre is HUGE i was amazed it was soooo big! it seems to ride nice too i really like it.

because im so short, there is only 1mm of seat post showing above the frame, i really cut it fine there aye?

sorry about the pic quality, i used my phone (sorry!), it really doesnt do the uni justice, its beautiful. I name it Heffer.


That’s terrific quality! Man, probably better than my digital camera could do!

Lose the handle thing though. Looks gay. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:


i understand abotu you thinking the thandles gay, but i wouldnt give it up it’s great i love holding it and it has a water bottle holder !

not only that, cause UDC is so fantastic they threw it in for free ! (either that or i got somebody elses order hehe)

congrats again on getting your coker iride :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Get some grips, a brake handle, a cycle computer and a bell on your handle and all of a sudden it looks purposefully and integrated in the rest of the uni, they do look a bit wierd bare.

How do you like those cranks? Seems like the Prowheels would create way too much Q when you already have the super wide hub. And definitely get some grips for the handle - looks better, feels better and it protects the paint. A grip on the back part is good too. I used one grip cut into halves.

Nice looks good. That pic is very good for a cell phone.

Looking good, iride!

I’ve used ProWheel 152mm cranks on my wide-hubbed 36" with no problems. My favourite brand of crank for 36ers is Qu-Ax - their 114mm and 125mm cranks are light, strong and have little Q factor.

Nice Unicycle!
i know this is kind of off subject but how many megapixels is your camera?

there is quite a bit of Q factor on them and has a wobble at high speeds.

i god a calculator today, and my top speed was 27.6, and my mates was 28.5

i think the phone is 2megapixel

Me and Owen also managed to stack it (mine was more on the verge of stacking). Owen some how managed to bend the handle, but hey it has to happen some time.

The way to reach higher speed, I found is to lean forward so is to increase your aerodynamics and balance, with increased aerodynamics. You get better control and so forth. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah, or one of those really loud horns.

Congratz on your uni!

I’m considering that now, people either just don’t hear the bell, or ignore it, especially rowing coaches. I’m considering an air horn.

I got a truck horn on mine and a working brake light. :smiley: :smiley:

Go for it. Blow them off the road!

Unfortunately blowing them off the road means blowing them in to the river, which while funny might be a little harsh.

It’s there fault for getting in your way. :smiley: :D. + with my truck horn. It scares them silly.