We Hate (Wet) Forest Session

hey guys, we filmed yesterday a bit in the forest. but it was very wet :frowning:
also started filming some new real flatland and street clips :slight_smile:

Short Edit:


That totally looked cool

No doubt my new favorite edit. The song choice was impeccable. I’m a sucker for songs like that. :slight_smile: The riding was sooooo interesting to watch :slight_smile: And to top it all of a gorgeous country to compliment it all. That forrest looks amazing :slight_smile:

Bravo, Stefan!

That was really sick Stefan! Like muni, but way more awesome, plus a great song and edit to match. Can’t wait to see a new full video from you. :slight_smile:

thank you for the comments :slight_smile: it was a very short slippery session.

Great edit and style, can’t wait for the next vid!

That was so cool! Street in a forest is a really nice and interesting change.