We cannot all be perfect

In reading a lot of the posts on this messageboard, it would seem as though unicycling came to you naturally–that your learning time was extremely short. I have to wonder, do I get this impression because most people really DO learn it easily, or because most people to whom it is difficult and unmanageable give up, never to return?

In any case, if there are any here who had a rotten time of learning, or who feel like their reasonable learning time is vastly longer than the general consensus, post here. We can’t all be perfect. ((In fact, I tend to give more credit to the people who had an awful time learning, and stuck to it.))

Fire away.


I didn’t beleive people could learn that fast either. When i found out i thought I learned slowly. It took me about a month to learn completely on my own when i was 6.

There is actually a thread somewhere with many submisions of learning time. The range is pretty significant.

I know I took more than many here. I think it was over 10 hours. Of course that was almost 1 1/2 ago, so it may have been more or less. I have not put in the time it takes to learn new skill in a while, so although my riding is better, my skill level isn’t that much higher.

It took me about a month, although i was in my basement, and practicing was kinda cramped.

It took my two converts about two weeks apeice to learn, at 1 or 2 hours a day.

I found it. How Long Did It Take You To Learn? Thread

It took me about 20 hours before I could ride 10 meters.
I think the longer it takes someone to learn, the more happy s/he is once the goal is archieved.
Of all the miraculous fast learners I have seen nobody learning any further than just riding forward.

I know exactly
what you mean zambonijones (ctrl-c -> ctrl-v).
It took me a good while to learn to ride. A month (at least).
You don’t have to be a quick learner to ride. You just have to be completely determined and able to set your mind on doing things.

This is bound to make you feel better; I have witnesses who can confirm that one of the Wellington bike trials guys “learned” on his first try… ever. On his very first try, he pedalled away, riding parallel with a row of posts and then after passing a couple of posts he made a purposeful turn right, between a couple of posts and then UPDed a few pedals later.

I think it was his 3rd attempt that he decided he wanted to try backwards and went for about 5 full revs… next on the list was hopping and he tried for a 40cm up onto a square log, made the height but dismounted before regaining balance. He finished off his “night of learning” with a 1 metre drop.

As for me, it took me a week and I was about 11yrs old and learning by myself. I can’t remember how many hours that would have been, I do remember that I came back home knackered and sweating like a monkey after each practice session.

yeah, it took me about 20-21 hours to learn, too.

Same here. I once helped a BMX flatlander. Once he sat in the seat I supported him, but each step I made he start to stop using my support more and more. After about 7 steps I just let him go. He rode over 10 meters all by himself. He never tried a unicycle before! But again, if you learn this fast… than I am afraid unicycling is no fun anymore I think.

I’ve mastered all of my skills within 7 days except coasting (8 days) and side-ride (10 days). But by then I used my brain more than nowedays. All skills (except coasting) depend on controlling speed and stearing. And no matter how you control speed or stearing…: if you fall 3x to a certain side (L or R and/or F or B) think about how to change speed/steering such that you will stay on the unicycle!

As I often say:
The more you think, the less you have to do.
Unless all you do is thinking, than you don’t do anything anymore.

And… if progress goes slow you can return home happy more often!

It’s not the learning time of the person that matters, it’s the person that matters. Some people don’t give up, ever, no matter what, and those are the people who learn to ride a unicycle.

Re: We cannot all be perfect

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>I found it. ‘How Long Did It Take You To Learn? Thread’

That thread was started by me. The results have been posted on my
website <http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/agelearn_short.htm>.

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I like the idea of not having to balance when out on a ride - joe

it took me like 4 months, lol