We Broke The Record

Ever since I started on this site, I always saw the same number for the record amount of people on the site at once. We beat it. CONGRATS! Over 800 users today. That’s nuts.

-Shaun Johanneson

dayum! thats a lotta a people i have to say

Woah! Maybe thats why I couldn’t get on for the first half of today!

Did anyone else have problems getting on today?

Rock on!


Hopefully not too many of the people online were like this dtelecom person using the trading post to sell phones. It’s gonna be hard to look at the trading post if you have to sort out junk from unicycle stuff. Does Gilby delete stuff like this?

Yes, and quite often as I understand…


yay, I helped :slight_smile:

Yo Adrian, WE DID IT!

I did!

I smell a conspiracy…

yeah icouldnt get on either

Hope you don’t have Arachnophobia, I’d bet the vast majority of those users were Spiders!