We are Riding in Fresno till the 18th. Join us!

So me and Spencer Hochberg are riding here at my house in Fresno till the 18th. Feel free to come ride with us. you can stay at my house!

You guys all know how Spencer rides.
here is a little clip of me.


hey man… a little more notice next time and I’ll be right down

ya, ok. I will next time. lol!
you should come anyway phill! bring jerrick, and everybody from oregon too!

man to have any time at all i would have to hop on a bus NOW…and we might get there late on the 16th…

not really the nicest length of time

you buy me my post clamp yet?

That was a huge jump! Nice! Hmm… It would be awfully cool to meet you guys. Maybe I’ll come through on the way to Santa Barbara tomorrow. What are you guys doing during the day tomorrow?