We are family!?

Four of us were out uniing at our local university (SFU) campus today. We had some awesome fun riding through the fall leaves on the trails below the campus, doing a little trials stuff right in the campus courtyards and having major big fun on the long steep downhill down the mountainside that the campus sits on.
But what was really funny was about midway through our day’s ride when Mike and I stopped in at a little campus coffeeshop for a snack. Two mountain b*king dudes were sitting there having a coffee. Smiling, one guy looked up at me and said, “You must be the only unicycling family in all of Vancouver!”
“I don’t know about that but we are the only uni club in Vancouver, that I know for sure”, I replied.
When I relayed this ‘uni family’ story to Mike, Luke and Andrea, the other club uni riders, what followed was an afternoon of ‘uni family’ jokes.
So there you have it, a day in the life of a Vancouver uni family!


and the pilot of the sitcom airs when?