WBT: Used unicycle

Hi all!

After reading Martin’s essay on rebuilding axles, I think a used (“new” to me!)
unicycle may be the best route. We’re going to try to rebuild the axle, but I
think that I will buy myself another unicycle as well.

Does anyone have a used unicycle they want to sell? I’ll pay shipping and all.
It doesn’t have to be pretty, but nothing smaller than a 24".

I tried a 20" and 12" a few weeks ago and did not like it as much as my larger
24". Since we use our unicycle for transportation, smaller wheels don’t move as
fast. Does anyone have a 26"?

If you’re interested in selling, please send me mail or call me at
504/865-4227 or 504/374-2431. Let’s deal!

Still on foot, Tramm

o hudson@cs.tulane.edu tbhudso@cs.sandia.gov /|\ tramm@unicycle.cs.tulane.edu
tramm@lsmsa.nsula.edu << http://www.cs.tulane.edu/~hudson 504/865-4227