Wayne Van Wijk

I see he used to post here a few years back (refer to unicycle dreams thread) and i was wondering if anyone new him etc.

i am going to one of his workshops at the end of this month, i believe it is the same person but i may be wrong.

What type of unicycling does he do, does anyone know? He mentions Muni quite a bit on his website.

He is running a juggling, diablo and unicycling workshop in Tasmania at the end of January in co-ordinance with the slip-stream circus and my ex-ex-girlfriends mother invited me.

I am not really interested in the Diablo or Juggling but hopefully he has some sweet uni moves :sunglasses: that i can learn.


wayne used to pretty much be the australian unicycling scene but i think he is more into circus stuff and just riding rather than sweet tricks. i could be wrong though - i havent seen him in like a year and a half.

thanks for the reply, wow a pioneer. sweet i cannot wait to meet him regardless of his ‘sweet tricks’ abilty :slight_smile:

now i am excited, i am going to bone up on some information and have a good old chat.

i know him, i know him !

he’s a pretty good rider, he one foot idles girrafes with the other foot and juggles and stuff and yeah he’s really good. he went on a muni ride a while ago that i was on aswell

I have ridden with him a few times. I havent seen him do any “sweet tricks” as he is more into the entertainment side of unicycling but he is a good rider plus it will be good to ride with another unicyclist!

He is also known as ‘wayne’ on the forums now and made this thread yesturday.:slight_smile:

lol i replied to that :slight_smile: i hope he comes back online so i can chat…

Imagine logging on and finding a new thread with your full name as a title.

Thanks guys

Imagine that… I just logged on to the forums and found my full name as the title of a thread. I have been pretty quiet on the unicycling scene in the past few years so am surprised that people still know who I am.

Yes, I am coming to Ulverston in Tasmania to run a few workshops for the Slipstream Circus. I will be there from the 22nd to the 25th of this month.

It has been mentioned very truthfully that my skills on a unicycle are not that advanced. I can do a couple of things on one wheel but my strengths are definitely in the performance side of things rather than in the ‘cool moves’ area. I am also big on keeping your props maintained so if you come to the workshop with a poorly maintained unicycle watch out! :slight_smile:

Shame you are not into diabolo as this is something that I have quite a few intermediate skills in.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting you Tom. See you in Ulverston. Maybe we can do a bit of riding after the workshops.

Wayne van Wijk.

Hey Wayne,

Dont worry, my uni is great apart from the cranks. (although i might bring my learning uni along…)
It will just be nice to meet someone else who can ride a unicycle and actually succesfully manuvoure(sp?) it. I am not exactly an expert, or even a novice, when it comes to ‘cool moves’ .
Well i am not into diablo because i have never used one, i would love to give it a go though.

would love to go for a ride after, what do you ride?

see you in a few weeks,