waylon street unicycling

message just made a new youtube video:)

that was cool man! :smiley:

you grinds look nice and the bails at the start were funny - :stuck_out_tongue:

thaanks man

Yo, wear a helmet Walyon!

So, how many walls have you head butted try to land evelated 360’s? Glad to see you wore a helmet some of the time, but man, throw a brain bucket on “ALL” the time so we can continue to enjoy your YouTube attempts…

Otherwise you’re running a significant risk of getting a lifetime supply of coloring books for those special occasions, instead of unicycles. No offense to anyone who likes coloring books.

dude! that was awesome!

good to see some awesome young blood in the sport.

actually i didn’t hit my head but i almost did i only wear helmet in some parts cause i was in the city and i didn’t want cops to be on my case

Nice vid. But this should have been in the video forum.

cool! but yeah…why DON’T you wear the helmet? They’re not just for keeping cops off your case… But I’m sure you’ll start wearing it all the time after your first concussion.

mmmmmm ill think about it

Really you should, it’s not like helmets are considered cool or uncool, I’d wear a bright pink and yellow one if it meant that my head were protected. Your intense riding and dedication is what is making you look cool, not the lack of a helmet.

Whenever I see a good rider in a helmet I think 2 things:

  1. This person is smart.
  2. This person probably does big tricks.

It’s interesting that I say this too, when I’m not wearing a helmet lately, but that is just because I need a new one, I don’t have any helmets that fit over my dreads. I’m actually going downtown to get a new one tomorrow.

There, now I don’t look like a hypocrite right?

Your Siik :astonished: ! how Long have you been riding and how old are you?

well actually i was just borrowing it in the vid i don’t have a helmet but i’ll heed your advice

thirteen and two years into practice

Very nice! It got a little bit repetitive though, maybe next time just put in like one or two of your biggest stairset rides. And post in the video forum and you won’t get people telling you to wear a helmet. :stuck_out_tongue:

well not quite as many people at least. some of the ‘helmet’ people occasionally venture into the video section :stuck_out_tongue:
i rarely wear a helmet. i only bother if im about to try something big where im aware that i may just hit my head but that is very rare indeed.

anyway good to see someone so young pushing themselves so hard!! keep up the great work mate :slight_smile: