Way to go, Roger from the "Coast Guard"

Actually Navy but it was great anyway. Nice job on the Tonight show!

thanx for the reminder,its an hour and a half away here on the left coast.<set VCR’s on stun>

Yeah, you have to get through the always boring Hollywood star interview part to the good stuff. It’s a military talent show and some of it is pretty good.


Yeah, I saw it last night, as well. He did a good job. Definitely the most impressive talent. Hee hee. :smiley:



auurggghhh!!! i tried to watch it both at the regular showing and the 2am showing, but i kept on falling asleep because of all the turkey i ate (proven scientific relation) so i never made it thru the guests. did anyone happen to tape it? or is there a place where you can download tonight show episodes?

Can someone please tell us that fell asleep what we missed?

At the end of the Tonight Show, Leno hosted a brief military talent show. The whole night seemed to have a military theme with most of the audience members of the military.

Each branch of the service was represented with some sort of talent. The Navy’s Roger brought out his unicycle, mounted and jumped rope. There was a Tech Sergeant I think from the Air Force playing two trumpets at once, a Marine woman repeated sentences backwards, the Army was represented by guys running around while playing “Flight of the Bumblebee” on saxaphones, then the Coast Guard did something from Riverdance, sort of neat.

Hope someone taped it.


Roger (Navy) jumped rope on a 20" with white seat and tire.

There was a marine just out of boot camp who could recite phrases backwards that was pretty cool.

The army had four guys do a hilarious parody of River Dance, moving their boots by hand like puppets.

The airforce had a guy who played two trumpets simultaneously.

The best was the coast guard. Four saxophonists playing Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” while running around.

The turkey got me in too… I tried to watch it I really did…


remarkably,i didnt see it either.even after being reminded at 10pm.i went to go set the VCR and never got past the half gallon of Gordons.

i left to the bar and got home late and tryed to catch it on the 2am rebroadcast but i couldnt take any more of Jays stupid joke and bad inteviewing skills,then i blinked and it was 6am.

I saw it, it was pretty cool
The chick that could say sentences backwards was whack!
I too liked the guys playing the saxaphones, and the riverdance wasnt bad.
I wasnt all that impressed with the two trumpets really.

roger smith-the tonight show

thanx for the wonderful comments
jay introduced me as the coast guard
that was their mistake, not mine
i came out when i was supposed to.
i wish i could have done more tricks but anyway
i made the best of what i could with one trick
and if you didn’t see the show i had a great big smile
and waved to the audience when i got done jumping rope

hope to see everyone at next years unicycle convention

stay on top

Roger, great job! I actually stayed awake thru that guest “star” to catch the real talent show.

Didn’t you want to just jump up and ride on that Riverdance Board?