Way over due for a Helmet!

I really should be wearing a helmet with the things I am trying these days. I am looking for a skate style helmet thats pretty comfortable and not super bulky. Every helmet I’ve tried on in a shop feels like its four inches thick and triples the size of my head.

All reccomendations are appreciated. And my mom will appreicate it to.

Giro had a helmet called the Semi that has the BMX/Skate style but is constructed like a bike helmet. It is made from the same type of foam as road bike and mountain bike helmets, it’s just styled like a BMX/skate helmet. Light weight like a regular bike helmet. I like it. But I just checked the Giro web site and they don’t have it listed in their 2006 lineup. It looks like they’ve discontinued it. You might still be able to find it in stock somewhere.

The Giro Xen has similar head coverage to the Semi. The Xen just has more vents and is styled like a bike helmet and comes with a $100+ price instead of the $60- price of the Semi.

Since the Xen and Semi are bike style helmets they are crash once and replace. The BMX/skate helmets are more multi-impact and also more than double the weight and bulk.

I’d go with the Semi too.

heres one for $35!

I use a semi, don’t mind it. Gets kinda hot, but I also have a bunch of hair stuffed in there. I use it for uniing, but when I’mjust doing road stuff I use my road bike helmet, which is one of the Giro road bike helmets. I’ve tested one out and I survived, so it must be pretty decent. Use a road bike helmet if you just ride roads. If you do trials, street, or muni, use something like the semi.

I’d reccomend buying your helmet at REI. They have a 100% return policy. They even accepted my smashed Giro road helmet for a trade in when I showed the manager.

Anyone know of a helmet that doesn’t get super hot… Living in darwin during the wet season, in about 35 degrees celsius, and an extremely high humidity means that I can’t ride for longer than about 30 minutes with a helmet on without getting extremely overheated and dehydrated. Without one I last about 3 hours which is far more satisfactory! Only problem is, if I hit my head I won’t be lasting that long anymore.

661 mullet

I concur, the 661 mullet is a great (and inexpensive) helmet with thick foam & plastic shell. I headbutted the edge of an open window last week and its still prefectly protective, despite the 3mm wide, 30mm long gash now present.


I’m going to buy the Giro Flak helmet.
I find it a fine and cool helmet.

Good work loose, I can’t wait to see that one.

Re: Way over due for a Helmet!

I got a Skid Lid. I got Lg/XL because I have a rather fat head. It listed
the range of sizes a Large would fit (23 1/4 - 24 1/2). I measured my head,
and it was in the range. But the helmet was way too small. Since it was only
fifteen bucks, I figured it wasn’t worth the hassle to ship it back, so I
gave it to my 5-year-old son.

So all that to say, my experience with the Skid Lid is bad. It doesn’t even
feel like it would be comfortable if it did fit. I would avoid it… So I
too am eagerly watching this thread hoping to hear some good recommendations
on comfortable affordable helmets - especially for big heads!

Has anyone tried the 661 Dirt Lid (seems the 661 Mullet is not available) or
the Viking BMX helmet? They are around $20… but they are “one size fits
all” with different size pads for different size heads. That concerns me a
little :-/

Joseph Nichols

Mace makes some pretty nice ones. www.macegear.com

I found the Giro Flak helmets, which are sweet lookin, for $30 with free shipping on Amazon.com so I gave my bro a link and it is my christmas gift from him.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Giro E2, Atmos or Pneumo.

I use a Giro Animas which is OK also.

my roommate (seager) has the pneumo and loves it. i’ve tried it on and it feels no warmer than a baseball cap. the atmos feels like wearing nothing at all. at least what i can gather from trying it on in the bike shop.

check this out: http://pricepoint.com/thumb/2-Accessories-33-Helmets-True.htm

the bell scuffle and GT ollie are both under $10. worth a shot.