Way Before NAUCC 2009 discussion.

That’d be cool if you went, it seems like I’m gonna go to NAUCC for sure almost now :smiley:

I don’t live in MN but I’d say it’d be around 75-85 F (not exceeding 30C).

ahaha in July?! it’d be around 85-95 imo.

I misspoke earlier. The meeting I mentioned is this coming Tuesday night.

We have a number of very good venues to choose from. We are trying to keep everything in one general area, rather than spread out across the metro area.

I should have more to tell you by the end of this coming week.

Cool, sounds awesome though still. I’m really really pumped for it!

Average high-low temperature in July in the Twin Cities is 83-63°F (28-17°C). I’m not as worried about the temperature as the humidity. Summer in MN is really humid, about 85%. It’s a little cooler in August, has anyone considered having it then? But there’ll probably be some stuff indoors in a gym, I think.

I’m almost for sure gonna come, it’ll be so fun. I’ve never ridden with more than 2 other riders before:o. I look forward to seeing people from the forums in real life!

Twin Cities high and low averages of July:

Average high: 83.3
Average low: 63


Your opinion is wrong.

it’ll feel like its 110 though with humidity.

Ahem. Thanks for restating my post. :wink:

Tru dat, but with a cold water bottle and in the shade it’s a’ight.

plus, if we had some people just sesh’ing around at a local spot, you’d hardly notice the heat lol.

Is there a date/place yet?

I’m going, it will be my first uni convention, I’m excited that my Mom is going to drive me up to Minnesota just to go.

I’d also like to know the dates, location, etc.

Are these available yet, or is there a date where everything will be known?

I think ill be there :smiley:

Seriously? That’s awesome.

I pm’d Jethro a month or so ago and he said they have the place picked but don’t have the contract signed so they don’t want him to say anything yet, not sure when he will be able to say something…

did you guys know that NAUCC spelled backwards is CCAUN???

NAUCC will be July 25th to August 1st, 2009 at Jefferson High School in Bloomington, MN (or was it the JFK High School in Bloomington?). I believe it has air conditioned gyms.

YES THIS IS AWESOME I may be able to attend with the later dates this year

Hey, I have 2 friends that go there:)

It has a huuuuuge gym and it is definitely air conditioned

wicked sweet, we gotta do some otter* riding.

*(Otter Riding, dirived from OTFR - Observed trials free riding)

I’m going! It’s gonna be awesome!