Way Before NAUCC 2009 discussion.

Oh baby. Cant wait til next summer. NAUCC 2009. Gonna be crazy. My parents are a little off on know what it consists of, but i’ll be sure to be there for probably 7 days. I totally cant wait.

It’d be soooo crazy, like 6 days of unicycling wild. gangs of BA unicyclists will roam the city.

Sick sick sick… Who else cant wait?

edit: Minneapolis or St. Paul, Minnesota, Probably july.

When is it, And where.

Im going to shoot you all… With love and passion of unicycling and hanging out. Im pretty sure im going, but something could get in the way. I hope not. I want to see all the pretty unicycle girls again. Mmmmm… girls… and spencer…

edited for your use.

thank you.

You better at least compete this year.

I for one can’t wait. I feel like I need to plan the week better than this summer’s naucc cause I missed a lot of the cool muni rides and stuff and I mostly rode street and trials when I shoulda took advantage of the tech trails that I don’t have around chicago.

I plan to go also. But maybe not for the whole thing. It will be great seeing everyone!

Who knows…Maybe I will attend… The bad thing is that’s between Wuko and UNICON… But with sponsors here I would be able to go :smiley:

I hope I’ll be able to go, somewhat of a chance I might.

I’m totally going…

I’m most likely going, if I can muster up enough for the trip.

I really should go, I dunno…

Yay. I’ll definitely be going from what i know. It seems as if i’ll have to definitely stay in a hotel with my parents though. When it comes, i’m sure i’ll be out doing stuff til 3am though lol. I’m gonna need a bunch of HDV tapes too lol. Its gonna be fun.

Book your hotel rooms in advance, and get your rooming sorted out too. Hotels are probably gonna be packed around a month before.

Yeah, I missed a lot of the muni stuff as well. But the night rides were way fun, same with going to that swiming place and jumping off the cliffs.

I had enough money to registers, pay for gas, and some food, so this time, ill save up more so I can actually get into the competitions.


Man i can’t wait does anyone know when it’s going to be?

I might go to NAUCC 09.

What’s the weather like during the summer there ? Is it ridiculously hot ? I’m not fond of riding when it’s like over 30C.

From photos at NAUCC 07 and NAUCC 08 it looked like 07 was more organized, and more people came. I guess photos don’t tell you everything, but I got that feeling. Was it like that ?


The organizers are still trying to nail down dates and venues for NAUCC 09 but I’m sure it’ll be posted here pretty quick when they do.

Could be hot, into the low 90s with humidity, but it also could be cool. In 1982 we boiled our butts there, but other conventions in MN have had really nice weather.

Attendance at these conventions is tied to location. Hold it in the area of the major clubs and you tend to get higher attendance. Hold it in Rapid City and you get MUni trails almost within walking distance of downtown. Each location has it’s plusses and minuses. In the case of the Twin Cities, it’s the home of the nation’s largest unicycle club and they have lots of experience hosting these things.

We have been investigating a number of venues. There will be a meeting tomorrow night in which we will hopefully nail down the venue and dates. I will be posting that and all other information here when it is finalized.

whats the date…?


ima be there! looking forward to seeing everyone again. more mobile sessions on the horizon!