Watter Jump Saddles

Just a little video with very more flatland tricks:D
Video for Fluck Contest and for the fun
Enjoy !!

Romain :slight_smile:

hahahahha, im pretty sure that that ‘late 360 unispin’ was not late.
sweet video. some good tricks in there

That was awsome, alot of great moves, realy liked it

How do you do the late 180?
BTW, awesome pool

What pool? That was a flatland video.

Anyone having the same problem as me? It doesnt seem to want to open full screen on any of the videoes on utv :frowning:

Edit: Its working now :o

i wanna try that :smiley: :sunglasses:

It seems to be a flat pool :smiley:

Normaly you can watch all wmv files in fullscreen.
We don’t have that feature for flash cause all flash files are in reduced quality. Maybe we offer that also later but up for now best quality and full screen option is only for wmv files.