I got a new pair of Hillbilly gloves, as my old ones were falling apart. I think these are my third pair. My biggest complaint with these is that after a ride they are pretty wet from sweat, and then the next time I go to put them on they are stiff as a board. Very uncomfortable until my hands sweat again after a while and soften them up.
So, I decided to change it up a little this time. I bought a tube of Nikwax at my local outdoor gear store, and worked it into the glove leather thoroughly inside and out. Then let them sit a few days.
I’m happy to report that after using the gloves for a few weeks they are still completely soft when I go to put them on at the beginning of a ride. I don’t know how often it will need to be re-applied, but so far this has done what I wanted it to do.
Other waterproofing products may work just as well, I just picked Nikwax because it got good reviews and I could pick some up easily locally.
(Another benefit is that my hands didn’t end up black from the dye after the first few rides, which is what has happened with my previous pairs.) (I also plan to try this with a new pair of KH gloves that I just got, which I prefer for road riding, and which suffer from the same condition of being stiff at the start of rides.)

Hi Lance can you let us know how it works on KH gloves after you have given it a test .Thanks

I used something similar (“Mink Oil”) on my KH gloves, and I think it helped some. It leaves the leather pretty greasy, though.

That’s good to know, thanks. I think that’s a vote for Nikwax, because the leather feels just like it did before. no oily feeling. Perhaps a little bit softer than they were originally, but that’s not exactly a negative.
Yes, I will post an update when I’ve “treated” the KH gloves, and worn them for a few rides.

Glad that it worked well for your gloves. I suffer from sweaty hands too and it’s the worse. But instead of doing something about my gloves, I did something about my hands. I apply cornstarch before I put my gloves on and I find that I don’t sweat as much as I used to because of that!


I did the same Nikwax treatment on the KH Pulse gloves that I got for Christmas, and have now done several road rides. (I wear the Hillbillies for muni and the Pulse for road riding.) The report is the same – the leather is still soft and pliable when I go to put them on.

Good suggestion, twelf, perhaps I’ll try “pre-treating” for my hands before riding. :slight_smile: