Waterdown Trails

I started muni this Spring and it seems I can’t get enough. I’ve been hitting the trails 4-6 times a week. I find it very rewarding to be able to see positive progress every week (sometimes from one day to the next).

Hopping was a real challenge for me, so I stayed away from it, however a few days ago I decided to dedicate some serious time practicing and things are starting to come together! I feel that this new skill will open a more doors (so to speak) for me.


Good riding. Those look like nice trails. Pretty soon the trees will be missing their leaves. :frowning:

a Few guys and I ride DH bikes and Build all the jumps in waterdown
just getting back into Unicycling hoping to hit the trails Soon…

Let me know when you do and if you want company.


Nice riding :slight_smile:

The vid world have been greatly improved by some music :o