Water World: Trail Assault!

Today I had one of the best MUni adventures ever, and getting soaked to the bone has never been so fun! The recent rains have literally carved this canyon trail into something totally new and awesome, and unrecognizable from what it was before!

At the last minute I decided to take the 27.5 instead of my Schlumpf and I’m lucky I did because the almost torrential stream crossings were sometimes Hub deep!

I hope you enjoy this because it’s probably one of the better videos I’ve made in a while, and I was out there doing rolling jumps over raging waters and pretty good-sized gaps that I hadn’t even tried in years. I was having so much fun, I didn’t want to leave! :v:

What software?

Hi Terry
Great video as usual, I am currently considering buying a GoPro hero7, after seeing the quality of your films. I am curious how much work you have to put into the editing? ie how long mainly? and what software are you using for the edit?

Regards Phil

Thanks Phil, I use GoPro Studio on my Windows 10 laptop. It has some nice features including color correction and framing controls, and you can export the finished video without losing any resolution quality. When I start editing I usually don’t take a break and work right on through until I’m finished. I start with all the raw clips and then figure out where each one will go in the timeline so it’s kind of like putting together a puzzle. I add titles, music, adjust the volume of the clips so they don’t overpower the music or vice versa. I really enjoy the editing process because there’s virtually Unlimited possibilities to how you can put a video together so it’s a creative process.

Hi Terry

Thanks for the reply. It gives me something to think about, I think i am going to have to take the plunge and buy one.

Kind Regards