water bottle counter weight!

learned something new today - you more advanced guys probably already know this… so, this is for the other new guys.

I’m riding about 2-3 miles at lunch and trying to get used to shorter cranks. I get cotton mouth about 1/2 way through so I was trying to figure out how to take water with me. I don’t want to go buy a camelbak just yet.

Just on a whim today I took a water bottle along. I was worried it might mess up my balance on freemounts. Turns out not only did it NOT cause any issues there - but, when I got on parts of the sidewalk/road that had a camper to one side or the other I could hold out the water bottle on the “high side” and use it as a counter weight to help me track straight.

Seems like a good idea. I must try that:)

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“sidewalk/road that had a camper to one side or the other”

was supposed to be camber (or tilt) to one side or the other - but, I guess you would want to avoid the campers too…

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yeah, I knew you were referring to road camber. :slight_smile:

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You’re carrying your water bottle in your hand? That’s going to be quite an arm workout after awhile. At least until you drink it. Go ahead and do it as long as you see it as a win, of course. I’ve thought of riding with dumbells, but would have to pick a weight, and it would interfere with hand signals.

Getting sort of back on topic (maybe), I have ridden with 3 juggling clubs before. Two in one hand and one in the other, out of necessity. They wouldn’t fit in my backpack. I don’t recall whether I used them to manage camber; I might have. I do recall that they put mass out beyond my hands which I was actually able to use to put more control and energy into my pedals before I learned to use my saddle handle. It wasn’t hard to put all 3 clubs in one hand so I could use the other one for signaling and then pass one or two back. I thought of trying it with just two clubs for its own sake, but never got around to it. Maybe if I fastened two water bottles to the ends of two sticks… hmmm.

On leg day I ride. On arm/upper body day I take 5lb dumbbells with me. During my ride I do curls, and will ride with may arms extended out to the sides and straight out front. I will also ride with my arms straight down but bent straight forward at the elbows. The uni makes workouts fun. Free mounting is much harder. I start with both dumbbells in one hand.

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I help out local downhill cyclists by carrying them uphill. I can carry one on each bicep, and one sits on my shoulders. But that’s only on my cardio days.

When I really want to strength train, I tow cars to the top of the trail. I just tie a rope to the front axle and hold it in my teeth. Keeps my hands free to juggle bowling balls while I ride. Helps quell the boredom… riding while towing is slow.

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You may find that this also works without the bottle. Your arms weigh more than a water bottle (unless yours is really big!). :slight_smile:

If you’re not sure of the best way to hold them, I know a way to have only one in each hand… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow – I thought I was the only one who did this!

Classic Maestro humour. :smiley: