Watch them pins!

While practicing juggling with pins (my 3 balls has become pretty good) I was using the plastic weighted type, you know, the blue, yellow, and red ones?

Well, as I was supposed to catch the blue one (near the skinny end) and throw up the yellow one, the blue one really landed fat end down in my palm, and the act of throwing up the yellow one, smashed the skinny end of the blue one into my mouth with the force of my hand still behind it :frowning:

Good thing they were plastic, or that woulda been a fat lip for sure…it still tingled for a while as is.

Maybe I should just get 3 red pins.

at stirling juggling project when we hurt ourselves with our toys we cry “yipee!” because we don’t like to encourage ourselves to swear when we drop things on our heads while performing.

not to be cheeky but,
pins = clubs
fat end = body
skinny end = handle
bit at the end of the skinny bit = knob

b.t.w. a couple of days ago i did a triplex start followed by 3 throws and then a scissor catch to finish, on my unicycle. thankfully one person was watching.
but he had the cheek to suggest that i could do a pirrouette before catching the clubs. :angry:

Those tri-color Jugglebug clubs (if that’s what they are) actually work a little bit better if you take the caps off the tops (bodies). If Jugglebug, they are black plastic and should snap off. The clubs don’t look as nice, but they should fly better.

However, if you’re still in the learning stages, you might want to leave the softer rubber caps on. Also if you’re practicing outside on pavement, which will chew up the plastic.

thanks, Evil, for the lingo.

They are borrowed ‘clubs’, so I best not edit them