Watch My Videoooo!!!!

sup homie G dogs and doggets,

just made a new video so peep it


No movie there.

Didn’t work for me either.

HTTP 404 NOT FOUND!!! 404!!!

It’s madd broke, dawgg, foo, yo G… Actually I think holmes just hasn’t put it up, or had some “P” to the ‘rizzoblems’, when he was posting…

k try this sucka gee’s, haah im dont actaully speak like that i just find it funny, WORD TO YO MOTHA!!


didn’t work for me

the 2nd link doesnt work?

yah, mofo the Vidizzle is 404’ed, Fo sho! SO i suggest you bust up some madd viddizleage soon…

well what ever, guess you guys will just have to live with out seeing it


didnt work for me either

Duh …

here ya go … , but the AVI isnt there

unibrow must be gallery impaired.

It might have missed something when it was being uploaded.

I expect it’s a file size limit thing. If the video is too big it will create the link to the file but when you try to access it the file isn’t there. I’m not sure what the limit is something ~10megs I think.

unibrow, you need to fix this vidieo foo, so i can checkit yo

cant u just go to the gallery and watch it? instead of using my link…

Nah I’ve seen videos up to 67mb and alot that are 20+ mb.

there are different options to upload, one might have a limit but I dont think so.

unibrow try re-uploading it, its not bad links. The video just isnt there.

ive tried uploading it 2 different ways

just doesnt work, it happened with another video i made too but i got that one to work, might just be the album;)


AIM or email someone with a gallery, maybe they will be able to upload. john childs would be a good person to ask, methinks. he has everything under the sun in his gallery

Yeah good thinking I could do it for you tim.braun at gmail dot com