Watch for the RFD in news.announce.newgroups

Calling all unicyclists! Calling all unicyclers! Calling all …

After over three months of preparation, the RFD is finally
on its way with the blessings of group-advise and Dale Lawrence, moderator of
news.announce.newgroups. He will have to look at our RFD again before he posts
it to news.announce.newgroups, but it has changed only in trivial details, so
within a few days we should see it appear on news.announce.newgroups.

When it does appear there, let’s make as many friends as we can on news.groups,
so we’ll have the best possible chance of passing! Once the
RFD actually appears, a three week discussion period begins, where we will
convince as many people as possible that should be created.

After the three week RFD, the Call For Votes (CFV) will be issued. To pass, we
must get at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes and there must be at least
twice as many YES votes than NO votes. More details about the vote will be
sent later.

First person to see, please post a brief note of it to the
mailing list. I will then forward it from news.announce.newgroups to the mailing
list, so everyone can read it from the mailing list, if they prefer. The time of
posting to news.announce.newgroups will remain, so everyone on the list, will
know the exact date of the RFD period.

Sorry, this “short notice” got so long. Guess I just don’t know when to shut up.


Ken Fuchs <