wat unicycle should i get?

hey everyone.
i was wondering if i should get the torker dx muni, or the nimbus isis muni.
i like to do trial stuff and rought terrain.(i dont get a trial cuz i dont like the small wheel)
or if u think neither of these are good and i should get a diff one, my price range is up to $300.
all inout is appreciated.
thnx, troy

Nimbus ISIS Muni with KH moment cranks (phone up to customise). It ride’s like a beauty, it looks like a beauty, and it is a beauty. Plus it’s cheap (afaik lighter), and modern.

how much would that be for a custom order with kh moments

313$, so you need to save a bit more. But bear in mind, this will gain you a pretty much ‘‘bombproof’’ unicycle, which is awesome to have - however if you don’t think you’ll be doing to much hard trials/muni on it then you could possibly stick with the cranks it already has on it. Once again though, the KH moment cranks will allow you to progress on to do bigger and better things, involving much more strain on your unicycle.

Crudely, get the kh moments if you can save the extra 13$.

thank u very much
i think i can scrape together 13 bucks

wat size cranks should i get? 150?

The nimbus doesn’t come w/ break mounts, the DX does heavier though.

Longer cranks are better for steep assents and decents, and technical terrain, but slower.

The longest moments are 165’s, some guys have 170 mm Ecko cranks. I saw them somewhere for $100 in black, in 160, 170. (& other lengths I think)

W/ the 170’s I have on my DX I can ride MUCH more of the technical trails in my area. Last weekend I went to different State Park than my usual and I prob could have ridden most of it w/ 150’s. The trails there, I would consider to be more typical mtb single track.

i hav a 24" DX

i hav a stock 24" DX for sale, i am asking at least $200 or a trade for a nice 20 incher for street and flatland stuff.

i hav ridden it for probably two or three weeks and it has been awesome going off of drop offs and going over rough terain, but i want to start flatland and street stuff and its to big for that

The QUAX has some good one that you might look at. Here

You are wise to ask here

The uni market is like the sea, it keeps changing. A few months ago you could get a KH 24 for about 400 $, shipped free, an excellent deal, but now that tide went out, and KH are all to expensive.

UDC just got a bunch of new NImbus, in colors I think. A very good ride, but at a middling price and average weight.

UDC had some Qu ax on sale a while back. I wouldn’t pay 350 for one now, but they have a good rep.

The Torker Dx is solid but heavy. In general to be avoided because of expensive orphan cranks and unique expensive bearings. Only if money is tight and you can get a newish one used cheap should you consider this.

Koxx 1 uni’s have a great rep, and are real light, but they were to expensive in the USA for most riders. Now that has changed. As you can see on this thread, Koxx is having a super sale.


It says 212 Euros for a 24 muni. I think that is about 250 USD $. I would go with that, if the shipping $ is not to bad. The only bad thing about the Koxx is it’s ISIS cranks are not compatible with the ISIS of Nimbus-KH-Qu-ax. However, the Koxx cranks are not over priced, and are of good quality, so that is not much of an issue.

However, Koxx is lighter and better IMHO than the Qu ax or Nimbus, at the same price. Definitely you should consider the Koxx muni, or at least find out how scary the shipping $ is.

The KH and Koxx one are the 2 most popular high end unis in the world, and you should pick one of these if you can get a good price. Happy fishing !:slight_smile: